NTU Magic Club is founded in October, 1993. We have accumulated abundance of resource since then. Our club encourages students to explore by revealing the fascination of magic tricks. We teach them the proper attitude and skills. A student can improve his skills and creativity with peers when practicing, he can develop confidence and self-recognition when performing, he may long to achieve more from constantly refining his skills. We inspire a student’s talent of magic performing, not training him into a professional magician or gambler. After a student learns magic tricks, he is able to entertain himself and others. Also he can break barriers when communicating. He becomes an outstanding figure among his friends even if he is not necessarily a genius. Apart from that, our club offers various magic-related services as following: 1. Anyone can be a magician---easy magic tricks lesson 2. It’s closer than you think---close-up magic performance 3. Let’s party!---part magic performance 4. Enjoy the night!---stage magic performance 5. One-of-a-kind venders---magic-related booth in fairs 6. Get you on the street!---street magic performance 7. Up!!!---balloons in all shapes 8. Preparing for a carnival?---balloon-decorating service Our club owns exceptional magicians and magic lessons of all kinds for all occasions. We provide the best service in the most reasonable price!